The Practice
Thursday, June 28, 2018
By Ommotions
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The practice of yoga has been my steadfast companion for more than a decade.

Sometimes I cannot imagine where I was without it. It has carried me through 

many changes and opened opportunities and invited new friends along the way.

A brisk morning bike ride gets me to the Island Heron to enjoy a practice 

or to gratefully lead one. A drive over Narragansett Bay connects me to bustling Newport 

and the local YMCA. There I have met yogis of many ages and abilities and watched them

evolve into their own practice.  After class yogis often want to share an experience or have a question.

I have met yogi students that attend classes taught by friends in other states, a yogi who grew up next

door to an old family friend and most recently the sister of my sisters friend. Everyday there is a new

opportunity to learn from my students and to know the world is very small.

Or is it that like minds always find their way to each other?

Continue to practice- it keeps you grounded and healthy.

If you don't practice - create some time to allow this into your schedule. Our senses are over stimulated all day long.

A practice will invite the stillness your mind so needs.


And remember a little yoga is better than no yoga at all!