Individual Attention

Teaching Yoga in the Farmington Valley and in Rhode Island for several years has been a pleasure for Lauren. Teaching has been an opportunity for growth and understanding of students and herself. Lauren is available for Private Individual Instruction or Private Small Group Instruction as well as group instruction at the studios and gyms listed on the class schedule tab of this website. 

The practice of yoga is still a mystery to many and for some that mystery keeps them from attending a class. Lauren has had the opportunity to teach individuals the basic asana or postures of a yoga practice and prepare students for a class. Lauren defines the sanskrit terminology to prepare students for instructors that may use many sanskrit terms.  It is her hope through this individual attention that students will continue their practice and come to enjoy all of the benefits a regular yoga practice can bring to the mind, body and spirit.

Lauren has guided students with movement disorders through a gentle practice and helped them develop their body awareness. Progressive movement disorders begin to impair a student as the disease progresses. A yoga practice creates a sense of management of the progression of the disease. Breath work and practice strengthen the body and builds confidence in the student. Students have practiced on the mat, in a chair and have used the wall and household items for props.

Lauren's biggest joy is to see a smile on the face of a student when they find strength and balance in a posture.

Contact me to set up a time that is convenient for you to begin a private practice.