Weekend Fun with my Sister
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Saturday, February 01, 2020
By Ommotions
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Almost a year ago my sister and I visited Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. We had a wonderful visit away from our responsibilities. Truly an opportunity to reconnect. We participated in workshops to widen our interested in health and wellness. Shared with each other what we had learned. Luxuriated at the Spa and dined on gourmet meals. Just a few pictures above to share our experiences. Aerial Yoga classes proved to be a bit more challenging for me than it was a few years ago...Love the photo of us holding hands. Lastly the March sunset on my face with the beautiful Canyon Ranch Facility behind me. Many Thanks to my generous brother in law who gave this memorable sister time....long over due to the two of us. I recommend everyone find some time to be with the special people in our lives. Enjoy yourself.....its later than you think.